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Tax Preparation Services for Houston Individuals and Businesses

No matter how complex your tax situation is, tax preparation services can expedite the tax filing process while avoiding any inaccuracies. Today’s Internal Revenue Code is characterized by its complexity, to the point that even simple returns are often anything but. It’s easy for taxpayers to miss out on deductions or credits to which they are owed, and the difference could be thousands of dollars.

Whether you’re filing as an individual or a married couple, whether you own a business or not – a tax preparation expert can optimize your tax return.


Our Tax Preparation Services

The Evident Pros team includes experienced CPAs and enrolled IRS agents. That means we can expertly represent our clients before the IRS and can offer a comprehensive array of tax preparation services.

Our partners are also members with several professional associations, including:

  • National Association of Tax Professionals
  • National Association of Enrolled Agents
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • Texas Society of Enrolled Agents
  • Texas Bar Society
  • American Association of Attorney CPAs
  • Houston Bar Association

The quality of your tax preparation services depends on the quality of your tax professional. Evident Pros – with its extensive CPA and legal experience – is qualified to prepare taxes for any individual, business, or other tax paying organization. 

Our services cover the full range of IRS filing forms, including the following:

  • 1040 – U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
  • 1040-NR – U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return
  • 1041 – U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts
  • 1065 – U.S. Return of Partnership Income
  • 1120 – U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return
  • 1120-S – U.S. Income Tax Return for an S Corporation
  • 706 – United States Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Return
  • 709 – United States Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Return
  • 990 – Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax
  • 8832 – Entity Classification Election
  • 2552 – Election by a Small Business Corporation
  • 1099 Series – Various informational reports
  • W2 – Wage and Tax Statement

Evident Pros regularly assists clients who have complex tax reporting and filing needs. For these clients, just determining which forms to complete can be a challenge. During your consultation with our team, we will ensure all forms relevant to your taxes are accounted for and properly filled out.

Further, we will ensure all deductions and credits are considered when preparing your taxes. As business tax specialists, Evident Pros can itemize deductions and expenses – including deductions that many companies leave on the table without realizing it.

The CPA Advantage for Preparing Your Taxes

Tax preparation and tax compliance go hand in hand. For business entities, compliance is a critical part of organizational maintenance. As such, businesses place a great deal of trust in their tax preparer when relying on them for compliance purposes.

If tax compliance is a primary concern for your organization – as it should be – working with a CPA will provide maximum peace of mind. Here’s why a certified public accountant is your best bet to ensure proper tax preparation:

Comprehensive representation rights -

If your organization is required to explain itself before the IRS – it’s being audited, for example – it will need professional representation to attest to the company’s tax documentation and accounting practices.

Only some tax preparation professionals are permitted to represent clients in this fashion. CPAs, along with enrolled agents and attorneys, are the only professionals who have unlimited representation rights before the IRS. They can represent their clients during audits, payment or collection issues, and during an appeal. CPAs can even represent clients that they did not prepare taxes for.

All other tax preparation professionals have only limited representation rights. They can only represent taxpayers whose taxes they have prepared, and they can only represent their client in certain circumstances. For example, tax preparers with limited representation rights may not attest for their client on collection issues or appeals.

By working with a CPA, your organization will have a tax expert it can call on in its communications with the IRS. And if your CPA also prepared your company’s taxes, they will be able to attest to your filing documentation with confidence. 

Deeper level of tax expertise -

CPAs are required to keep their tax code knowledge current, and tax codes are notorious for their ever-changing nature. Any neglect in this area exposes a CPA to potential disbarment if they make a serious mistake or fail to abide by best accounting practices. Unsurprisingly, a reputable CPA will invest in ongoing education to ensure they remain up to date on tax codes.

CPAs tend to be excellent networkers, too, and many have contacts inside the IRS or with other specialists who can provide tax-related answers when needed. When a taxpayer hires a CPA for their preparation services, they’re tapping into an entire field of tax experts.  

CPAs are accounting and tax experts, capable of far more than just preparing and filing forms. They can also help plan future tax years for your organization, utilizing concepts like exemptions, expenses, deductions, and other tax-saving instruments to reduce its overall tax burden.

CPAs are also masters at detecting fraud and generally tightening up a company’s accounting oversight. If there are blind spots in your company’s accounting practices, it could be bleeding money through fraudulent activity. A reputable CPA can square a company’s accounting records with available assets to identify mismatches and identify the source of any fraud.

This same approach can also be used for audit preparedness, which CPAs are also qualified to oversee. During audit readiness services, the CPA will stress test the organization’s accounting procedures to verify that they are ready for IRS scrutiny. By shoring up any weaknesses, a CPA can save their clients from making extremely costly tax compliance mistakes.

Evident Pros guarantees filing speed and accuracy

Professional tax preparation frees up taxpayers to focus on other, more important things. It allows business owners to rededicate their time toward operations, while ensuring tax compliance is taken care of. And an expert tax preparer – one with CPA credentials – can provide ongoing representation for their clients should communication with the IRS be necessary.

Evident Pros’ team of CPAs and tax attorneys can also provide comprehensive tax preparation services like these. No matter your filing status, your asset portfolio or future tax goals, Evident Pros has the answers to your tax preparation concerns.


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