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Tax Compliance Services for Houston Businesses

The IRS places a heavy tax compliance burden on U.S. companies, one that must be met at the federal, state, and local level. Tax compliance services are designed to reduce this burden on your Houston business through timely and accurate tax reporting.

Tax preparation and reporting are fundamental to tax compliance, but for Evident Pros, they’re only the start. By incorporating tax planning concepts into your tax compliance strategies, your company will maximize its tax savings.

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Tax Compliance and Planning Services We Offer

Our tax compliance services are appropriate for Houston businesses or individuals with high-value or income-generating assets. Those services include:

  • Tax compliance advising – The Evident Pros team has decades of combined tax expertise. Our experts are CPAs, tax attorneys and enrolled agents – the people who spend their careers interpreting tax laws.

    We use this knowledge to develop customized tax compliance strategies for our clients who operate across many industries. As such, we have experience creating industry-specific compliance methods that can cleanly fit into any business operation.

    We also use our tax expertise to analyze existing compliance processes and identify how they can be better aligned with a client’s goals.

  • Tax preparation and reporting services – Tax compliance relies on timely and accurate tax reporting. Evident Pros’ tax preparation services guarantee both.

    Our team will also ensure your organization reports using the correct forms, as this can be confusing for many business owners to manage. This includes Form 1120 (for corporate income taxes), Form 1065 (return of partnership income), Form 706 and 709 (estate taxes) and Form 990 (tax-exempt organization return). We can also help businesses file Form 2553 and change their entity’s classification. This can be used to leverage corporation-specific tax benefits.

  • Transaction analysis – If your business engages in creative or complex transactions to fuel its growth, your tax compliance measures may also be complex. Evident Pros can advise your business through any transaction that may have significant tax impacts, including how to report the transaction for compliance purposes.
  • Tax planning servicesWe can integrate your tax compliance into a larger tax planning strategy to minimize your company’s tax burden.

    Tax planning services include an array of techniques like changing the business’s tax structure, establishing a more favorable accounting approach (cash businesses often enjoy additional tax benefits), accelerating/decelerating deductible expenses or income, establishing certain retirement benefits, leveraging charitable contributions and maintaining accurate bookkeeping practices.

    Companies that operate internationally can also leverage cross-border tax codes to their advantage. While Houston businesses are not obligated to pay state or local taxes, many do operate across state or international borders. These businesses have additional tax compliance requirements to observe, but they can also leverage provisions like tax treaties to reduce their tax liabilities.

  • Expert representation – Houston companies have a right to representation before the IRS during audit, tax collection or appeal processes. The IRS may open communication with a business even if that company hasn’t violated any tax codes.

    To account for this possibility, it’s recommended that businesses partner with a tax professional who can provide expert representation before the agency. CPAs, attorneys, and enrolled agents are the only professionals empowered to provide full IRS representation services for companies.

The Evident Pros team includes all three, and we have represented many Houston clients before the IRS and can oversee the lengthy back-and-forth communication that’s expected with IRS correspondence.

The Advantages of Working with a Houston CPA for Tax Compliance

For many small businesses, tax compliance goes beyond simple tax form preparation. As your business grows, you’ll eventually need more than a tax preparation professional to manage compliance. CPAs or tax attorneys are a better fit for companies in this situation, and her is why:

Superior knowledge of tax law and its applications – Many CPAs and all tax attorneys maintain in-depth knowledge of current tax codes, which are constantly changing. As such, they can provide expert guidance for tax preparation, planning, and compliance initiatives.

CPAs and tax attorneys apply this knowledge on a daily basis with their clients. Further, both are CPAs and tax attorneys are required to complete continuing education to keep their tax knowledge current.

Experience with complex transactions  –Companies rely on CPAs and tax attorneys for legal and accounting advice before engaging in high-impact transactions. That’s why large companies employ full-time legal counsel, among other reasons.

If your business has recently made, or is planning to make, a transaction that has complex tax consequences, Evident Pros can advise on how to execute the transaction while remaining compliant. This includes business mergers and acquisitions, purchasing new real estate, or establishing international operations

Unlimited representation rights – If your tax compliance methods are called into question by the IRS, which may arise from an audit or collections, we can provide expert representation services for your company. In effect, our team can help establish your company’s tax compliance controls and demonstrate them to tax authorities.

Work with a Reputable Tax Attorney and CPA for Seamless Tax Compliance Services

As your Houston business grows, so will its tax compliance needs. This is particularly true if your company is expanding its operations beyond Texas or U.S. borders.

If your company’s tax compliance methods haven’t been addressed recently, Evident Pros can review them to determine their fitness. And if necessary, our team can also develop new strategies that align with the outlook and goals for your business. In this way, we ensure your tax compliance scales with your operations.

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