Tino Morales

About Tino Morales

Tino specializes in correcting financial errors created or unresolved by other professionals. His career in accounting began working at a small accounting firm where he learned valuable experience and working one-on-one with clients. This experience allows him to offer clients a personalized service and attention others can’t offer.

Tino has worked with clients of all sizes, backgrounds, and has helped grow some to become multinational corporations. He has experience in a wide array of fields such as financial, real estate, healthcare, law firms, lending firms, as well as the oil and gas industry. He works closely with industry leaders to stay current with technological, accounting, and tax trends and regulations. Tino is interested in helping others and has organized community outreach programs to help underprivileged people receive accounting services to help them succeed. Tino believes everyone should receive high-quality services regardless of their background or situation.

Tino earned his master’s in accounting degree at The University of Houston. Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Accounting from the University of Houston in 2006.

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